Hi everyone, and welcome to my website. 


I am Maeve Madden, a Fitness/ Commercial Model, Actress, Lifestyle blogger, Personal trainer, former professional Dance, but the most terrible singer, born and raised in Ireland.

From a young age I have had a passion for fitness, Health & beauty. I attended both dance and acting schools in my hometown from the age of 3 and competed successfully in many competitions for Dance, Drama and Beauty in the UK and Ireland

By the age of 17 I quickly launched into a successful International professional Dance career and thus my passion for health and fitness grew. Having travelled to over 30 countries, performed and filmed with Irish dancing super star Michael Flatley, I unfortunately had to cut my career short due to an injury.

Devastated by this, my lifestyle changed dramatically. I wasn’t myself any more and I lost all interest, motivation and confidence in being who I really wanted to be.

With encouragement from my supportive parents Paul & Jacqueline who spurred on my creative spirit, I decided to move to London to study at the University of Westminster. It wasn’t my dream but sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.

Living in London sparked greater interest into a career in beauty, health and fitness, I set goals for myself and I stuck to them.   I felt motivated again, determined, because I found passion in doing what I loved to do and my biggest goal was becoming the best version of myself.

Hard work and dedication has successfully seen me sign with modeling agencies in Europe, London and my home land Ireland. Securing campaigns and working for high end brands, including Adidas, Treseme, Lacoste, Vichy, Ann Summers as well as being a Cover Girl and featured in magazines: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Note Book, US Style, Womens Health & Fitness.

Today I love to live life to the fullest and I am not afraid to dream big. I want to share my secrets for success to becoming the best version of you.  Listening, learning and believing with passion it is just the beginning.

I believe that sharing my lifestyle is a platform to be an inspiring,positive role model for people of all ages around the world.

Thank you so much to everyone online who has been so supportive, following and encouraging me in everything I do. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & email. Your support doesn’t go unnoticed!

Believe and trust in yourself as you are entirely up to you.  Great things take time, do not let anyone else define you.

Be Happy, be Healthy, be Active, be the best version of you.
– Maeve Madden