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My Recipe for being more Swiss

Disclaimer Swissroll cake is not on this menu but something sweet is ..

I have always been interested in how other countries live their daily lifestyles and when I found out that Switzerland are not only the happiest nation but have one of the highest life expectancy’s I was ever so intrigued to discover their daily ways…

How better than a delicious Swiss cooked 4 course meal hosted by one of Switzerland’s oldest family run businesses who have been enjoyed in my family since i can remember…herbal sweet experts, Ricola.

From Yodleing to cheese fondue, mountain walks & punctuality living a wonderful life is the Swiss thing to do ..

Just How can we adapt this into our lifestyle …

These are the 3 ways I’m going to change my lifestyle according to the Swiss recipe for happiness …

When it comes to eating I hands up admit that i more often than not rush my meals & snack on the go. Not in Switzerland No No, Swiss people enjoy every mouthwatering moment of deliciousness, they take time to consume their meals, and this matter is taken rather seriously . Businesses close & Everyone between the hours of 12 and 2, sit down for lunch. The Swiss meals consist of a very balanced diet enjoying local farming produce, home baked breads and locally grown veg.. With the lowest rate of obesity in Europe over indulging is not very common or etiquettly correct .. oh manners are everything in Switzerland.. That can be down to the way meals are perceived: as social and happy events.. Moreover this attitude towards food and meals is positive for fuelling the body which will focus solely on digestion.

Quite similar to the Irish, Swiss people love being outdoors and i don’t blame them. They make the most of the amazing scenery and landscape they are surrounded by. From skiing in the winter to hikes in the summer, the Swiss pride them selves on being able to enjoy the natural beauty and richness of nature in their country..

My final change is going to be thee most difficult .. I am never on time, I am actually possibly the worlds worst person at being punctual, I should probably head to Switzerland and buy myself a good watch, maybe that’s the key … In Switzerland people are well known for being always on time, not only personally but how business hours operate, public transportation everyone is always right in schedule … Why is this beneficial?? Being punctual and having a scheduled day massively reduces stress levels, there is no rushing and agitation just simple a simple happy flow to life ..

When we make small changes to our life like these it can add up to huge life changing results … FYI I’ll leave the yodelling to the Swiss

For more Be More Swiss inspiration head to #bemoreswiss

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