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I can’t wait to get home to Ireland and be with my Family, it will be so nice to go back and spend some quality time with them and my friends. I feel so at home there and so relaxed. I feel like the best version of me – which is why I’m also working with YooMoo for their ‘yootime’ campaign. We are encouraging you to be the best version of you! Its about achieving your goals – big or small & enjoying the journey to get there. Not only is this a campaign I feel strongly for but their products are yum & they are literally the most delicious frozen yogurts, which makes it so much more tempting!
As winter has arrived, the nights are coming thick and fast and the days have shortened, out goes the iced coffee and in comes the hot gingerbread Latte’s.

It’s sometimes so hard to stay motivated and positive during these darker, colder months. So here are some tips that help me and can hopefully help you!

FOOD – Eat delicious, lovely food and you’ll feel better straight away. Make sure you have YooMoo lollies and it will remind you of that delightful summer feeling even in the autumn and winter, they have so many flavours that will give you that summer feeling no matter what the weather is. Yoomoo is the perfect treat if you don’t want anything too heavy, especially after all that turkey & mince pies you will be eating over the holiday break – tropical is my absolute favourite as it reminds me of sitting in the sunshine in Mykonos!

STAY ACTIVE– you all know I love going to the gym and having a good old shopping spree but any type of activity is a MUST this season. It’s so easy to sit and relax and watch Jane The Virgin on Netflix but NO! Keeping active is the best way to help your mindset during these upcoming months.

EVENTS – just think of all the amazing parties and festivals that come with Winter! I LOVE winter wonderland, you have so much fun! So grab your girl friends and get that Friday night sorted.

KEEP STYLISH – just because Summer is over doesn’t mean that this is a time to not think about style, winter clothes can be so cute too and it’s there is nothing better then an overly warm beautiful coat. Go out there and slay those shops to make you look fabulous all year round.

Let me know any tips that you have to beat that winter gloom!!

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