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As you all know I have teamed up with the amazingly delicious yoomoo as part of their new campaign ‘yootime’ – this is where we are encouraging all you lovely people to be the best version of you in all aspects of life, from work, to social life, to health and wellbeing.

Now the weather has FINALLY decided to get hotter yoomoo is the perfect frozen yogurt treat to have on the go (have you tried their frozen yogurt lollies yet – DELICIOUS with the added bonus of being low in fat and calories!)

This year yoomoo has partnered with The Color Run, what is this you may ask… it’s a 5k run where you get covered from head to toe in a rainbow of colours at four stations around the course and for the first time ever, a fifth foam zone. You don’t even need to run, you can run, walk, skip or dance to the finish line (did I also forget to mention that you can sample yoomoo here) – have you signed up yet?! If you haven’t it’s such an amazing event and is taking place around the UK for the next couple of months:

11th June – London

1st July – Manchester

23rd September – Brighton

I will be there on the 11th June at Wembley Park, London, let me know if you will be there and make sure you come and say hi at the yoomoo activation zone. If you haven’t signed up already, do it now! (

If the word ‘running’ and ‘5k’ is daunting to you, like it is to me, take a look at my top tips to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the event:

* Organise everything the night before, lay out all your clothes, shoes and water bottle so the anxiety doesn’t hit you in the morning when you are in such a rush and you can’t find your left shoe that you were sure was in your wardrobe yesterday.

* Get an early night, have your 9 hours sleep and feel refuelled and ready for tomorrow. I always find turning my phone off relaxes me and makes sure that I am completely switched off with no distractions.

* Eat a nice healthy, balanced dinner the night before the race, that’s big enough to give you energy for the next day (you can always include the odd sweet treat, yoomoo vanilla frozen yogurt with strawberries and blueberries is a favourite of mine)

* Make sure you drink lots of water, you always need to be hydrated for the race regardless of the distance and weather conditions

* Just enjoy the moment you are in and don’t pile on the pressure, The Color Run is a non-competitive fun run so instead of stressing about the end result, your time or impressing others, focus on how much fun you are having, covered in a rainbow of colours and looking like a beautiful unicorn! A positive outlook on this gives you a positive mind-set.

On the 11th June at the London Color Run, I will be judging a ‘who styled it best’ competition. All you have to do to enter is take photos of your outfits at yoomoo’s Color Run activation zone or upload photos on your social media channels using the hashtag #yoolook. The winner will be given a shopping experience at TopShop which includes a personal shopper and £200 worth of vouchers! T&Cs apply

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