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There are days were I am just so busy rushing around London I have to force myself to stop and take a moment to relax. Lunch is always my favourite time of the day, and as you know I love sharing with you my favourite and delicious meals.
As we are approaching summer and the weather is “oh so fabulous”, go outside for lunch, step away from that computer or whatever you are doing and go take full advantage of this hour. Take a moment for you, to just chill out, reflect on your morning and enjoy soaking up that Vitamin D.

I’m working with yoomoo for their ‘yootime’ campaign, and we are encouraging you all to be the best version of you! It’s all about achieving your goals – big or small – and enjoying the journey to get there. Not only is this a campaign I feel really strongly for but their products are incredible and perfect for your lunch time snack, they are literally the most delicious frozen yogurts around – and they’re low calorie and low fat, which makes it so much more tempting! My favourite is the vanilla yoomoo tub topped with lots of super blueberries and sweetened naturally with honey, literally, try it, it will change your life. There’s other flavours too, including strawberry and new Honey n Granola tubs, and variety packs of delicious lollies.

Life is all about balance, it is perfectly ok and so absolutely necessary to take time to relax during our lunch break so why don’t you try one of my favourite calming tips:
* Yoga – there is nothing better when you’ve had a stressful morning then yoga. Yoga helps reduce stress, lowers your blood pressure and also is known to lower your heart rate, anyone can do it.
* Create a playlist – Step outside and pop on your favourite uplifting playlist that always makes you smile and brightens up your mood, I always find that my mood dramatically changes if I hear one of my favourite songs come on
* Snacking – Sit by a tree and watch the world go by whilst enjoying on the delicious yoomoo tub. Indulging in delicious snacks whilst comfortable and relaxed is my favourite way to spend my lunch break (they have a new flavour which is so yummy, Honey n Granola – you are welcome in advance!!)
* Create a list – Pop a to do list in your notes so you feel less stressed and more focused and organised on the rest of your day. Having a check list is really satisfying and rewarding when you get to tick off those points.
* Practice mindfulness – this is where you practise sustaining attention on your body, breath or sensations or whatever arises in each moment
* Reading – reading a good book or even just all the latest fashion magazines escapes me from the reality of the morning

Make sure you get that really important one-hour relaxation time, so many people get their lunch break squeezed down to ten minutes or to nothing at all. People eat on the go or eating whilst staring at the same computer screen they have been looking at for the past 5 hours and will continue looking at for the next 4+ hours.
We have become such a work obsessed society that we never give ourselves enough time to relax and have a bit of me time. It’s so worth it so that your body has time to refuel for the rest of the day ahead. I promise you, you will feel 100 times better after a bit of relaxation and a bit of yoomoo to go smash the rest of the day!




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